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2017 "What's the Fuzz!?" Events

Well, I toured 46 cities and I am now taking time to recover, than begin writing several books! Thank you for your interest, I will also be creating some online version of the "What's the Fuzz?!" talk so it can be accessed globally for those who could not make it to a live presentation.

Chris Frederick interviews Gil about Fuzz Tour!

Gil's National Lecture Tour!!

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"What's The Fuzz? The Amazing Stories Our Bodies Tell About Healthy Movement, Living Relationships, and Our Vast Human Potential~"

The Role of Fascia in Healthy Movement as I understand it from my studies in the lab.

4 CE Hour Live-in-Person Lecture Presentation Course: I am touring throughout the country during 2017 to MANY cities with this fun, informative and inspiring talk! For more information on these exciting events, and to enroll, click HERE or on the course image! Group Discount Info

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Downloadable Fuzz Flier!

Learn, understand and apply practical knowledge of the role of fascia in healthy movement!

$120 USD PLEASE ENROLL NOW: Space is infinite, but venue capacities are limited!!

What's The Fuzz? The Amazing Stories Our Bodies Tell About Healthy Movement, Living Relationships, and Our Vast Human Potential~

TO ENROLL: Scroll down and select your class location from the drop down menu beneath the images to the left where you see your chosen city and date listed, then click the "Enroll" button (if you have difficulties, try on computer instead of phone)! Specific venue information will be posted below as it becomes available :-)

CREDITS: 4 CE credits for the NCBTMB, Florida Massage Board, and/or PMA.

THE COURSE: 1pm to 5pm

Through a keynote presentation featuring the latest images from my work in the dissection laboratory, our environment and culture, as well as Q and A interactions, we will explore the textural layers of the human form, particularly the connective tissues and fascia in their relationships, and their role in movement.

The presentation will include, and add significantly, to the material I developed for the 2016 British Fascia Symposium on the role of fascia in healthy movement and stuck movement.

We will also heighten our awareness and appreciation of ourselves from the inside out, and learn the basic principles of relationship that support our health, our movement, and our connections both within and among us.

OUTCOMES: Participants will:

FOR WHOM: The uncommon perspectives we will explore make the course appropriate for all who have a desire to understand their body and to experience their inner and outer relationships more fully, including:

Some of the images which will be shared are intense. If you are prepared to look deeply within the human body, and into yourself, you've come to the right place!

TUITION: $120 USD. Book your spot now! Space is infinite, but the venue-capacities are limited! :)


TO ENROLL: Select your class location from the drop down menu beneath the image where you see your chosen city and date listed, then click the "Enroll" button (if you have difficulties, try on computer instead of phone)! :-)

Group Discount Info: Sign up a group of 5-10 IN ONE TRANSACTION, and I'll rebate the enroller 10% of total to distribute back to the group. Sign up 11-15 IN ONE TRANSACTION for a 20% rebate, or 16+ tuitions IN ONE TRANSACTION for a 25% rebate on total. You may not add folks to your group one by one after the fact and keep getting the discount, which defeats the purpose of a group enrollment, where you enroll everyone as a group! Just be sure to email denise (@) gilhedley (dot) com and give her a listing of all the names, and emails, of the group enrolling so that she can be sure to get them all registered and in the information loop. Easy peasy!!

Unsolicited feedback from "What's the Fuzz?" participants:

"I’m am wowed, excited, moved and inspired. Please thank Gil for me. I am forever changed by his heartfelt offering. Simply amazing and life- changing presentation. Warmly, E.F."

"(I just want) to let you know how delighted I was to be present for Gil’s passion, curiosity and wisdom. This was my first introduction to him and his work. What I found so fascinating is that Gil, because he so fully and naturally embodies his fascia, I too found myself, even being seated, able to sense my fascia! I also felt his ability to converse from that level of his being to the audience; which was a wonderful example of using body language in lieu of words as a viable & preferred method of communication of our oneness. Please tell Gil my experience, if you have the chance. With much appreciation, N.R."

It took me a week of reflection, of consideration, of winding your gift into my classes and feeling deep waves of gratitude to get to this moment of feeling I might be able to express what I would like to say. I am filled with gratitude for the work you have done and continue to do, for the passion that guides you and the reverence you most clearly impart for these beings who graciously shared their bodies when they were no longer needed by their atmas. You took what could have been a clinical and dark subject and turned the experience of the body and it's connection to everything, into a thing of beauty. Thank you!

"Gil, What a true delight to meet you today and receive your "What the Fuzz" lecture at NiaStudio. I was completely rapt and enthralled for the entire 4 hours. Before today, I had been aware of you but not familiar with your work. I came at the invitation of Debbie. I was eagerly anticipating the anatomy lesson - but was absolutely enamored by your insights and applications connecting the fascia and connective tissues of the body to the connective tissues of our lives and our planet. As a Nia teacher who was primarily drawn to Nia as a spiritual path (with the body as the vehicle and teacher), I haven't spent much time or energy studying anatomy abstractly outside of my own body experience. Your philosophy, perspective and delightful delivery made the learning magical and magnetic. You've got me hooked. Looking forward to finding more ways to learn from you in the future. Thank you for bringing such passion, reverence and joy to your work and the world. What a blessing you are." C.M.W.

"Making an attempt to express such deeply felt gratitude for the experience that I had today is certainly "reductionist" but none the less an effort simply must be made. To witness Gil Hedley live and in concert today after following him in the cyber world and in writing for nearly a decade now was nothing short of amazing. To be surrounded by some of my former instructors, my peers in the bodywork community, former students of mine, people who I have traveled to the far reaches of the planet with, and the collective of fascinated and deeply invested human beings that attended today's event was inspiring in a way that I will forever honor. I learned, I laughed, I was reinforced, I was humbled... I lived. Namaste..." J.C.P.

Highly recommend. Going to Gil's event was an incredible experience. He speaks, waxes poetic, dances, delights and makes a spiritual-like connection. I left his talk much as I have left incredible concerts, just wanting to be still, tune out all else and soak in every last detail of his message in an attempt to savor it all. K.N.

I have no words for how amazing this was. I had to rush out to pick up my little one from school and I didn't get a photo :( But this was an incredible, beautiful, brilliant and very spiritual journey through the human body. Thank you Gil Hedley. My view of fascia and the beauty of movement was completely changed in one magical afternoon. So grateful. N.B.

That talk was incredible. I wondered if it would be a bit dry listening to an anatomist for four long hours. But Gil was engaging, clear and hilarious. Those four hours flew by. I loved the spiritual thought process at the end. Beautiful ending. Gil so much gratitude for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and personal journey." P.S.

"What an amazing day with Gil Hedley in Boston! The gems on so many levels leave my heart so full!! What is the Fuzz... As a body worker I thank you for a better understanding. I am so grateful. On a whole other level I thank you for opening my mind and my heart to the thought of connection on a much deeper level. Thank you Gil for all the work you do and all that you share. The world is a better place today! You have an amazing message! Happy travels!!" (L.L.B.)

"Gil, I am a chiropractor and I work directly with P. W. (for the last 12 years.) She was insistent that I hear your presentation. Tuesday is my busiest day in the office and as a chiropractor I worked on cadavers on a regular basis in class. She was STILL insistent! I am very glad that I came. Your passion for what you do and your respect for the human body reignited my love and appreciation and passion as well. I have practiced for 34 years. There is an ebb and flow over the years of feeling that passion. You have turned my tide and for that I'm very thankful." Sincerely, S.B.O., DC

"The presentation was Awesome! I enjoyed Gil's stories that went with the slides and videos. What a Hoot! Totally spectacular! I am very pleased that he was available to speak at the Florida School of Massage." Sincerely, M.T.M.

Such a great day for all of us - thanks so much for hauling your own awesomeness all the way up here, Gil. The insights and ideas you shared with us yesterday made an impact on several of my treatments and discussions, today. I've spent weeks with you, I have your DVDs, I've seen you speak at the Fascia Congress, and I wasn't Really anticipating getting that much New info from What the Fuzz...I came to see You, because it's a pleasure to be in your company, and you're entertaining, and energizing, and dynamic, and infectious, and high quality people are drawn to you, so it was bound to be a fun day. But I certainly Did learn new things! And you helped me reframe old ideas. And you cast a couple of clinical phenomena that are central to the way I work in a new light. Anyone who thinks they already know where you stand on fascia should do themselves a favour, and do their best to catch one of your remaining sessions. Thanks. For everything. T.M.

"Dear Gil, I enjoyed your class immensely. I want to honor and thank you for the depth of your respect for life, and for sharing it so passionately with us... I was feeling strangely shy and rushed and did not have the presence of mind to tell you that I have been following and absorbing your writing for many years. I had actually registered for one of your classes several years ago in Gainesville, but had to withdraw due to some unexpected parenting duties. I was so excited for this opportunity to finally see and hear you in person. I am truly inspired by the beauty you recognize, and your ability to share that beauty through the expressive arts of speaking, writing, moving, and reaching with radiant appreciation through the space between. Thank you so much. I hope you had a warm and happy homecoming." All the best, T. C.

"Hi Gil, I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture. I’m still not sure if I’ve processed even half of it but I loved it! I hope you will return to South Florida again in the near future! Thank you for the teachings and the reverence and humor you bring to such a delicate subject. Peace," L.G.

"Hey Gil! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for letting me be part of such an incredible workshop! It was so great to get to meet you and be a witness to your great passion- it's truly inspiring. I could have listened all day! Wishing you well, thank you again." S.P.

"Gil, Thank you so much for the research, materials, and time. I feel more in tune with myself and those around me!" A.L.

The workshop was wonderful—informative, inspiring, skillfully presented, as well as entertaining. D.L.

"I'm not on Facebook and wanted to send a thank you for your very inspiring lecture in Boston. Your melding of heart and anatomy was quite moving. It was a privilege to experience your vision of fascia, body, divinity and divorce. I have been digesting it all week and it has been deeply reassuring amidst a chaotic period of my life. Thank you - wishing you joyous travels!" N.

"Having a hard time explaining how mind blowing and humbling Gil Hedley's lecture was yesterday. Overwhelmed with gratitude and got to give him a hug." C.N.

"Gil you are a magnificent teacher. You have truly found your niche. I watched your dissestion vids one after the other yesterday, finishing off the last one today. Now. Just had to tell you how much I have been impressed by your approach, sensitivity and reverence. I feel much more connected to my magnificent body now… because of you. Thank you & be well," S.W.

"Please give my deepest and sincerest regards and thanks to Gil for being so generous of spirit with this material. Meeting him and listening to him speak was like being home. In my work over the past 35 years I share similar language and it is and was really magical to see him express it with the images and his perfect dissections and understanding of the connective system applied to differential movement. Please share these words and thoughts with him if that is possible. Looking forward with enthusiasm and inspiration to attending any other lectures / courses he may offer. With gratitude and thankfulness," N.L.

"It truly was a glorious etude of learning the body, awareness and a practice of unity. poetic. edifying. serene. Thanks Gil, I was supposed to go this on my birthday in March in Richmond, VA but had to miss it. So glad you circled back and hit MD (DC)" GBW

"Dear Gil, I attended your presentation in Austin, TX in November. My experience was much more than I anticipated. I was drawn in and engrossed the entire time you stood before us. I learned so much about fascia, but more then that, I left with wanting to know and learn so much more about myself and of course, experience a dissection class to have my own experience about all the questions I have. I had to leave right after the presentation and it has taken me a few weeks to write to you, but I wanted to make sure that I expressed my gratitiude for all of this information that you shared. Before the presentation, I walked up to the alter (table) you had set up and I felt it set the right intention. Because of my experience from the presentation, I have been able to share the information with clients and work in the way that I explore with new eyes and curiosity during my sessions.I am interested in attending one of your dissection classes this coming spring. Thank you again for this amazing experience!" B.E.