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Interviews: Here are links to two interviews: the first is actually several interviews I gave to Kristi Cooper, goddess/mastermind of the extremely popular online Pilates website, PilatesAnytime.com To watch the interview is free, just sign on for the free 15 day site trial to get into the site as a temporary "member," at which point you can not only enjoy the interview, but take some free online classes as well from their truly world-class faculty. The second interview is also free to watch, and was given to Keyvan Golestanah, (just scroll down to my face when you follow the link). Keyvan has created an important educational website, The Conscious Health Institute, and there are many other interesting intereviews and articles posted there as well.

2007 Fascia Congress Video Interview: Ann Sleeper, Canadian RMT, teacher and interviewer, was kind enough to interview me at the Congress and post it on You Tube. Ann has a lot going on over at Massagetherapypractice.com.