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Interviews of Gil~

With Keyvan Golestanah of The Conscious Health Institute

These interview segments inquiring into my work and approach were conducted by Keyvan Golestanah, a man of extremely sharp intellect whom I have known for many years, since my graduate school days in Chicago. Keyvan has given me permission to serve these videos of our conversation here. Please visit Keyvan's educational website, The Conscious Health Institute, where he hosts much additional information, interesting intereviews by leading health professionals, and more.

Part 1: Introduction and Somanautics, ethics
and the body, spirituality and materiality,
integral vs. regional anatomy

Part 2: Working with donated bodies,
experiences of anatomy workshop participants,
defining the body through different paradigms

Part 3: Cultural presumptions about the body,
options for bodily practices and treatments,
responsibility for life experience and
traits of a thriving body.

With Kristi Cooper of PilatesAnytime.com

These interview segments were conducted by Kristi Cooper, goddess/mastermind of the extremely popular online Pilates website, PilatesAnytime.com To watch the interview is free, just sign on for the free 15 day site trial to get into the site as a temporary member, at which point you can not only enjoy the interview, but take some free online classes as well from their truly world-class faculty.

With Ann Sleeper, RMT, of Massagetherapypractice.com

Posted on YouTube, this 2007 Fascia Congress Video Interview was conducted by Ann Sleeper, Canadian RMT and teacher, who kindly interviewed me about my work and post it on YouTube. Ann has a lot going on over at Massagetherapypractice.com.