2-Course Bundle (11hr/CE):

Integral Anatomy Intensive + What's the Fuzz?! ~ $250

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This 2-Course Bundle includes the Integral Anatomy Intensive (6hr/CE) and What's the Fuzz?! (5 hr/CE) credit courses, for a total of 11hr/CE course credits

Integral Anatomy Intensive (6hr/CE): This 6 hr/CE credit course includes 7 videos and an assessment to review and reinforce the presentation. It is based on the daylong lecture-presentation Gil toured for about 7 years, refining it along the way. This talk delivered in LA in 2012 was the last time it was offered in the US, and represents the culmination of years of learning. 

Illustrated with images from the lab and our culture at large, you will enjoy a shift in perspective on how you view and touch the human body, as Gil takes you on a layer-by-layer tour of the human form. This course is quite distinct from The Integral Anatomy Series, which it builds upon and to which it adds further insights. 

What's the Fuzz?! (5hr/CE): This 5 hr/CE credit course includes all 7 video segments from the Vancouver, BC presentation of the What's the Fuzz?! presentation, as well as an assessment to review and reinforce the concepts presented in the talk, plus three bonus readings. Throughout the program you will explore and deepen your knowledge of the role of fascia in healthy movement and movement limitations.

The course is based directly on Gil's extensive lab research, expanding considerably upon what he presented as a keynote speaker at the British Fascia Symposium in 2016, and forming the basis of his 46-city speaking tour in 2017.

Several different types of fascia are explored with images and footage from the lab in order to explain the different anatomy and properties of the tissues that lend themselves to our movement function. You can expect to come away from this with a perspective that you can immediately apply in your life, in your professional work, and in your movement practice.

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Your courses are accessible without expiration for as long as gilhedley.com is here ~25 years and counting, with many more to come!

Gil Hedley, Ph.D. is an approved provider for the NCBTMB and NY State Massage Board, as well as for IASI, the FL Massage Board, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the CA Acupuncture Board, and the CMTBC in Canada! My courses also meet the Yoga Alliance Standard. We will announce additional approvals from other professions and boards as we achieve them.

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