August 10-15, 2020:

Livestream  Laboratory,



Study integral anatomy live online in real time~

Gil will welcome an online audience during his 6-Day (fixed) Intensive Human Dissection course. For 60-90 minutes each day, you can join the real-time livestream via webcam for Gil's presentations and on camera dissection of the donor form.

If you always wanted to join Gil in the lab but can't get there in person, this is your chance!

Join live, or watch the archive of the session at your leisure. You will have lifetime access to the archive of the content.



Earn 8.5 hours of CE's with NCTMB, PMA, etc. 


All participants must agree to an submit a Participant Agreement. 


$120 for all sessions, plus access to the recorded sessions for as long as this site exists, 25 years so far with decades to come!



All Livestream Sessions will be recorded in 4K and available to watch later, so join live, or watch when you can :)

All times Denver/ Mountain Time.

Wednesday, Aug 5: 10-11 am: Lab Tour and Orientation to the space and course.

Monday, Aug 10: 10-11 am: Intro to the donor, an overview of the skin, and an exploration of how to dissect this remarkable layer.

Tuesday, Aug 11: 10-11 am: We will circle up for a superficial fascia discussion as well as an exploration of the male "pars intima."

Wednesday, Aug 12: 3-4 pm: Circle up for an exploration of the anterior muscles of the body, as well as dissection of the muscles of the gluteal region.

Thursday, Aug 13: 2-3:15 pm:  Tour the organs of the abdominal viscera, such as the stomach, liver, intestines, spleen, etc. 

Friday, Aug 14, 10-11:30 am: In this session, we will observe thoracic organs such as the heart and lungs as well as eviscerate the abdominal organs.

Saturday, Aug 15, 2:00-3:15 pm: On our final day, we will tour and explore other areas of anatomical interest. 


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