May 11-16, 2020: Livestream Archive

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For those who may have missed enrolling in the May 11-16, 2020 Livestream Laboratory, you can still learn with us by purchasing access to our archive, uploaded as we go every day. 

For an hour or so each session, Gil presents lecture, discussion, and on camera (unfixed) dissections. 

6 CE's of NCBTMB Credit Available



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SESSION 1: Recorded Wednesday, May 6, 2020: Lab Tour and Orientation.

SESSION 2: Recorded Monday, May 11, 2020: Intro to donor, to skin, and how to dissect skin, then begin skin dissection

SESSION 3: Recorded Tuesday, May 12, 2020: Circle up for superficial fascia discussion around table, show how to dissect SF, initiate SF dissection

SESSION 4: Recorded Wednesday, May 13, 2020: Circle up for discussion of perifascia, deep fascia and muscle tissue differentiation, and demonstration-initiation of process

SESSION 5: Recorded Thursday, May 14, 2020: Opening of abdominal viscera, tour of abdominal viscera.

SESSION 6: Recorded Friday, May 15, 2020: Opening of thorax, tour of thoracic viscera

SESSION 7: Recorded Saturday, May 16, 2020: Touring anatomical matters of interest


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