Hi Folks! I appreciate you dropping by, and diving into my site. I started out my adult learning journey at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, studying for my Ph.D. in Theological Ethics. During that time I also became a Certified Rolfer at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, back in the early '90s. Subsequently, I also spent 5 years studying psychodynamics and energy healing at a "mystery school" in NYC, and have been an avid student of personal and spiritual development my whole life.

My combined interests and training has supported my personal exploration of the human body and led me to develop an integral approach to the study of human anatomy. "Integral anatomy" looks beyond "regions" to explore and appreciate the whole body continuities and relationships of the textural layers into which that first embryonic cell has differentiated. Integral anatomy sees nature as a mirror reflecting self, rather than other, and looks to develop an understanding of the whole person as well as the whole body.

Through Hands-On Human Dissection Workshops in the laboratory and lecture presentations around the world, I have encouraged thousands of fellow "somanauts" to appreciate, explore and embody the wonders of the human form. I have published a number of books, created online access through livestream courses and hundreds of hours of high-quality video to the dissection process, and produced The Integral Anatomy Series, a set of four feature-length videos documenting my whole body, layer-by-layer approach through on-camera dissection.

My current legacy project, Anatomy from A to Z, is a comprehensive and inspiring exploration of two donor forms through the integral anatomy lens. This very-deep-dive journey provides insight into the details of the human form while simultaneously illuminating its remarkable unity.

The material available at www.gilhedley.com represents my current intention to bring Integral Anatomy to the world via online courses, presentations and content designed to cultivate a deeper experience and appreciation of the human form on the part of all who share an interest in the gift of the human body.

Want to learn even more about me and Integral Anatomy? Listen to some of my free talks with folks from around the world:


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