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Many Frequently Asked Questions about Gil, this site, and Explorer subscriptions are answered below!

Well, that's a good question that I am constantly reformulating the answer to as I develop as a human being! For the purposes of this site, I am the developer of a field of study which I call "integral anatomy." To that end, I have been teaching in the lab, lecture hall and online since 1995 to professionals from the whole range of healing and fitness modalities. Between 2005-2008 I produced The Integral Anatomy Series, 4 feature length video volumes documenting the big picture overview of my whole person, whole body approach to anatomy with on-camera dissection. I am the author of several books, and I am presently in the post production stage of the "Anatomy from A to Z" project, a comprehensive, and very detailed on-camera tour of human anatomy based on my integral, whole body approach. I am presently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, (thus the pretty pictures on the site of the beautiful natural surroundings here) where in addition to working full time in it's laboratory, I also preside over the Board of Directors of the Institute for Anatomical Research, a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation focused on expanding the study of integral anatomy through cadaver studies. With my partner in all things Rachel Scott, I am committed to developing this site to be a premiere educational resource for individuals and institutions to explore the human form in depth.

This site contains all manner of videos and courses for somanuts (soma = body, naut = explorer) to explore the wonders of the human body! Most of my courses instruct through the vehicle of cadaver dissection, through we also have plenty of inspirational and educational content that does not! The content on this site is an excellent and comprehensive companion for professionals in the massage, yoga, chiropractics, and bodywork fields, as well as folks who are simply curious to enrich their personal understanding. All are welcome!

Yes! Sign up at for an Easy Rider subscription, there is no cost or obligation. When you do so you will immediately receive 3 full length video courses stored in your very own Inner Space Library, including the videos-only versions of The Integral Anatomy Series, The Integral Anatomy Intensive, and the What's the Fuzz?! tour talk. There are over 17 hours of free-to-view videos on this site. I am on a mission to share a positive, uplifting and educational vision of the human form. Enjoy!

Simply click on Join Site or Home from this page to navigate to the homepage. Click on the subscription of your choice and follow the checkout prompts. Be sure to choose one of the Explorer subscription options to access the regular Live with Gil sessions. 

Use your email and password to login to your existing account, then click "Home" in the navigation bar at the top of the page, select an Explorer subscription option, and follow the checkout prompts!

It is super easy to cancel, just login to your account at and click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the page, and in the dropdown menu click Settings. On the Settings page in the upper right part of the navigation links click Billing, than click Cancel, job done!

In these live video calls, I address topics of interest ranging over issues of anatomical import to life in general, sometimes with the company of special guests. Subscribers who choose to join the call enjoy the live interaction with one another, the content I share, as well as learning from each other's questions in the Q & A portion of the call.

Yes! All Live with Gil sessions are recorded for later review as a benefit to Explorer subscribers. Session recordings will generally be available within 48 hours of the live event. Posting recordings of good quality requires hours of post production work, which will be accomplished in as timely a manner as possible. Occasionally, because I am a real person who gets tired (!) and needs a break after producing a live event, it may take up to a week for the session recording to post. I appreciate your patience! All recorded sessions post in the Live with Gil course listing in the Inner Space Library of Explorer subscribers.

Inside the course! To register and link to the Live with Gil call, Login to your Explorer subscription at with your email and password. Scroll down a little bit in your Inner Space Library and click on the Live with Gil course listing. Within the course you will see where to register and link to the call. You can enter the call late, latecomers please mute your audio!

Sometimes folks are logged in, but actually have accidentally created two accounts, one Explorer account, and one Easy Rider account, using a different version of their name, or a different email. If you have created a paid Explorer account but have logged into the free account, you will not see the Live with Gil course listing in your Library. Log out, and login to your other account! If you would like to consolidate your accounts, just contact Gil to get that taken care of :)

No problem! Simply join as an Explorer subscriber for $15/month, then cancel immediately. Here's how: Once you have joined, immediately log in to your Explorer account by clicking the user icon or login button in the upper right hand corner of any page at and in the dropdown menu, select Settings. In the upper right hand corner of the settings page, click Billing. On the billing page, click Cancel. Got it?  Login > Settings > Billing > Cancel. Simple! Your account will remain open for the full month, you can attend the Live with Gil session, have access for the month to the session recording as well as all prior ones and all site features, and because you have cancelled, there will be no recurring payments or further obligations. Easy peasy!

Explorer subscription options include the $15/month or the $150/year memberships. Either option gets you into the Live with Gil sessions and recordings, as well as all other site features, for the term of your subscription. The monthly subscription will bill to your payment method monthly, and the yearly subscription will renew annually. You may cancel at any time, simply Login and click Settings > Billing > Cancel. Your cancelled subscription will still be available to the end of the billing cycle in which you cancel.

Participant responsibilities include courtesy in the chat with one another, I am trying to build a caring community here and trust you to participate with civility in your conversations and contributions. Please mute your audio unless called on for a question. There will likely be more questions than time allows, I will do my best to answer questions that are on topic in the comments section of the session. Come with your curiosity and beginner's mind, we'll have fun!

Not quite yet for these sessions! Once we have accumulated 8-12 hours of content, we will "coursify" the content, add a quiz, and submit it to certifying bodies. At that point you will be able to obtain certificates of attendance for the groupings of Live with Gil sessions. "Gil Hedley, Ph.D." is an approved provider for the NCBTMB and NY State Massage Board, as well as for IASI, the FL Massage Board, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), and the CMTBC in Canada! My courses also meet the Yoga Alliance Standard. We will announce additional approvals from other professions and boards as we achieve them.

YES! Active Explorer subscribers can get credits from a number of organizations, just click the CE link in the navigation at the top of this page for more details. In you Inner Space Library you will find a number of for-credit courses, with many more coming. Complete the course, pass the quiz, and we will be notified of your success and send you a Certificate of Completion via email within a few days.

To update your billing information, simply login to your account at and click on the account user icon in the upper right corner of the page. In the dropdown menu, click Settings. In the upper right corner of the Settings page, click Billing. On the billing page, click Replace next to your credit card information and simply follow the prompts to enter new or updated credit card information.


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