Beyond the Leaving by Gil Hedley, 86 pgs.

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Beyond the Leaving

When you


your body

to breathe

or dance,

to make love

or sleep,

you study death.


Each and every


is a short course

in dying.


Moving with music

or as one,

you leave

your self



Laying down

for rest,

you yield

to an inescapable



If you would

die well,

permit yourself

to fill

with the rush

of breath,

playful movement,

stirring warmth,

and the clarity

of rest.


The angel

of death

bares no harm

to life



So when you feel

a loss

or absence,

when dear ones

part for moments

seeming long,


the stillness.



have their place.




the sensation

and the motion

which comes within

as practice

for your

final yielding.


Let the hollows

and the aches,

every seeming space

within you

fill with streaming

once again.


Close your eyes

with no thought

of tomorrow,

and if

you never

meet again

in flesh

and bone,

you will still




the leaving.

(from Beyond the Leaving, 2011, Gil Hedley)



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