The Seeming Space, by Gil Hedley, 72 pgs.

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The Seeming Space

The seeming space 
between us aches,
filled with longings
loneliness, regret,
a sense of distance
to overcome~
all attempts
at joining fail
to permanently
close the gap,
this yawning void
between "you" and "me,"
the solitary sense
that I am this body
and you are that one,
over there,
and we are 
to our own


The world too
a thing apart
and we upon it
every solitary creature
standing separate
unalterably so
as if by some
cruel fate
all in proximity
What is born
must die.
Yet the space
we imagine
between us empty,
perhaps is full as
our hearts 
for a lover
or a child.
The palpable texture
of that "space,"
the irrefutable sense
of one being one
may be more real,
wrap you more perfectly,
than bone-anchored
collagenous ropes
and silvery sheets,
the sails and rigging
to navigate within.
Nobody can be
lost at sea
when the ocean
is within you~
What if?
What if
the space we imagine
between us quiet
rings out resonant
to our beating hearts
life plucking strings,
cords echoing
the first sound,
the subtle substance
of that space,
waves weaving us
one fabric
clothing all.
Perhaps the so-called
parts, fitted together
this to that
form a machine
of our mind's
making only
and the truth lies
not in the words
and actions
that divide, dissect
and separate, but
in the seeming space,
the teeming space
between those bits
and pieces,
in the tissues 
that continue,
connect and relate.
It's in that subtle space
between the two
where we find 
the proof that 
we are one,
and can only
be so,
mirrored there
as we are
in our flesh
and whole.

(from The Seeming Space, p.54, by Gil Hedley, 2021)


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