*NEW!* The Seeming Space: Poetry Collected, 72 pgs.

In this collection I have gathered together selected contents of three books, two previously published: Coming Into Form and Beyond the Leaving, and a third which has been growing in my notebook and from which I have been doing readings over the past several years, now titled The Seeming Space.

I hope that by gathering all of this content in a single volume, reducing the text size and tightening the arrangement, I have made the whole collection more accessible to would be readers and saved a few trees in the process! Enjoy!


Most books are available as PDF, paperback, or hardback. Click Sample/Purchase for details on particular titles. I offer the PDFs with somanauts abroad especially in mind, as exorbitant postal costs prohibit overseas shipping of physical books.

Coming Into Form by Gil Hedley, 108 pgs.

In these poems I explore the theme of "coming into form" as both an art and an experience. We are all experts, we have all done so, more or less consciously, and with more or less pleasure. These verses are the direct result of my experience of delving deeply into "the heart of pleasure." It has been an exercise in self-knitting: re-conceiving myself, and my body. I simply had to write these words down.


Beyond the Leaving by Gil Hedley, 86 pgs.

In these poems, the sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter experiences of life which follow upon coming into form are explored in verse freely. Much ground in the range of human experience is explored: ecstasy, agony, and the spaces in between.
I dug deeply for these words, and discovered yet more buried treasure within myself, common ground to us all.


Reconceiving My Body: Take Two, from the Heart, by Gil Hedley, 148 pgs.

I have long considered the idea that we can actually grow new bodies by shifting how we conceive of our bodies, and ourselves. But thinking about it only got me outlines on paper. The real shift has come from the heart, feeling my way into new and more pleasurable ways of being in the world as a whole person, embodied. This book is a very personal invitation to explore the same for yourself.


The Heart of Service, by Gil Hedley, 163 pgs.

In this series of essays I explore issues around the topics of self mastery, service, and growing beyond the victim consciousness which we all express to some degree. It
was originally written as a series of essays over the course of two very prolific months in 2005
. Anyone looking for concrete steps and perspectives to move yourself further along a conscious path will likely enjoy these pages!


Posts, Vol. 1, by Gil Hedley, 319 pgs.

Posts, Vol. 1 is an inspirational collection of short-form insights and considerations of embodied life. The collection forms a bedside or coffee table book, for daily inspiration, or to read aloud before a class or meeting to set a tone for the exploration. Enjoy!


Posts, Vol. 2, by Gil Hedley, 308 pgs.

Posts, Vol. 2 extends the inspirational collection of short-form insights and considerations of embodied life. The collection forms a bedside or coffee table book, for daily inspiration, or to read aloud before a class or meeting to set a tone for the exploration. Enjoy!


Workshop Handbook, by Gil Hedley, 100 pgs.

The Workshop Handbook is a textual accompaniment written originally to support participants taking my 6-Day Intensive Human Dissection Workshop. I now also use it as a general support for my other laboratory course offerings as well. Though it follows a day-by-day format loosely followed in the current version of my 6-Day course, there are dissection strategies and tips and general anatomical information relevant to all the workshops, and helpful for anyone interested in dissection anatomy from an integral approach.


Marriage, A Habit of Love: A Constructive Critique of Contemporary Papal Marriage Teachings, by Gil Hedley, 252 pgs.

This is the dissertation I wrote to complete successfully my Ph.D. studies at the Divinity School of The University of Chicago. It amounts to a highly technical and original contribution to the field of religious ethics. In this extended and somewhat abstract argument, I critique the several papal promulgations concerning marriage ethics between 1883 and 1983. I then offer a reconstruction of marriage ethics for Roman Catholic faithful based upon the virtue theory of St. Thomas Aquinas. The reading is a bit heady, as it amounts to a very sustained rational argument, but my dissertation committee loved it, and so did my mother who slogged through every last page of it, maybe you will too :) Be one of the rare few to have read this leading edge analysis!

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The Integral Anatomy Series in physical DVD form. Free shipping anywhere in the world with purchase~


The Integral Anatomy Series was originally published as a set of 4 DVDs, before I decided to make it available to view for free online. A very limited supply of physical DVD sets still exist for those who have no internet connection, or are just into collecting old-school physical media! I have no plans to reprint on plastic ever again ;)

I appreciate your interest in studying anatomy from an integral, whole-body, whole person approach with me, here online, or in person~


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