Dissection Series, Margaret (10 hr/CE): $120

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This 10-hour course is the archived footage from Gil's 2020 6-day Livestream Laboratory dissection of of Margaret, a female, unfixed form. The exploration captured provides a remarkably unique and first-hand look into what a laboratory dissection with Gil is really like!  

The Online Dissection Series with Margaret—recorded in HD over the course of a 6-day lab in May 2020explores in detail the textured layers of the body: skin, superficial fascia, deep fascia, perifascia, abdominal viscera, and thoracic viscera. Some of the special features highlighted include an extended exploration of the superficial fascia, a tour of the heart and thoracic space (including the diaphragm), a tour of the kidneys, and investigation of a knee replacement. 

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Course Outline

Orientation: Lab Tour and Orientation to the space and course.

Video 1: Introduction to Margaret, to skin, and the beginning of skin dissection.

Video 2: Discussion and exploration of superficial fascia and its properties, connections, and textures.

Video 3: Discussion and exploration of perifascia, deep fascia, and muscle tissue differentiation.

Video 4: Opening and tour of the  abdominal viscera, including liver, omentum, intestines, stomach, gallbladder.

Video 5: Opening of thorax and tour of thethoracic viscera, including the heart.

Video 6: Exploration of anatomical points of interest unique to Margaret's form!

Your course is accessible without expiration for as long as gilhedley.com is here ~25 years and counting, with many more to come!

Gil Hedley, Ph.D. is an approved provider for the NCBTMB and NY State Massage Board, as well as for IASI, the FL Massage Board, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the CA Acupuncture Board, and the CMTBC in Canada! My courses also meet the Yoga Alliance Standard. We will announce additional approvals from other professions and boards as we achieve them.

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