Posts, Vol. 1 by Gil Hedley, 319 pgs.

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"Anatomy" normally understood means "to cut up with a knife." The intent underlying "integral anatomy" is to perceive the relationships and continuities within us, as well as between us. The knife's edge becomes primarily an instrument for exploring feeling, rather than simply a tool for imposing separation. ~~~

On every given day, in your body trillions of successful communication events, chemical operations and biological processes occur and accrue to your advantage beneath the radar of your conscious mind. So much is going right in support of each one of our intentions, if we dare to set them, it boggles the mind. ~~~ infinitum... Some good news to remember when you are in contraction, is that expansion is inevitable. This pulse is structured into our universe, our world, our bodies, our psyches... I find some solace in this when I'm shrunk down on myself a bit. ~~~

A habit is a disposition to act built through the repetition of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The habits of our minds and bodies can be deeply ingrained, and are often unconscious. By bringing habits to consciousness we can choose, rather than merely repeat, our patterns. Choosing what you create is the stuff of self-mastery. ~~~

Whatever empty place you might feel in your heart is more easily filled from within than without. If you don't know what to fill it with, start with movement. Let your heart move freely, without holding it in place, according to whatever dictates of "proper" you have placed it under. It is the nature of the heart to feel full and light, to move freely, and to extend itself warmly in the direction of others.

(Excerpt from Posts, Vol. 1, 2012-2013, Gil Hedley)



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