Posts, Vol. 2 by Gil Hedley, 308 pgs.

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If we accept our bodies as teachers, and devote ourselves to learning from them, we've enrolled in the school of life. The prerequisite for this course of study is appreciation. When I start from that place, I am oriented to sit before these masters, see what I could not otherwise, listen more openly, and feel my way through winding paths with ease. If I had to name my "guru," I'd say it is our most blessed human form. ~~~

When we step into greater coherence in ourselves, it seems to be a bit of a contagion. People around us start to feel better and feel more balanced and integrated themselves. We do great service then when we address our own issues, and drop our own resistance. This is a kind of "environmentalism" we can aspire to: entraining ourselves and so our surroundings to greater levels of coherence. ~~~

Have you ever considered the extent to which we are taken care of? For every problem small or great upon which you might focus your attention, you could easily assert in a ratio of a thousand to one an inventory of blessings. Like fish in water, we swim in an ocean of blessing seeming unaware. With the flick of a tail can move forward, carried by these currents. ~~~

Things that seem like they are a really big deal in the moment have a way of fading from importance several paces down the road. Problems appearing insurmountable have a way of vanishing altogether when taken one do-able step at a time. And when we lend each other a hand, and move together, even mountains, well, that's when it really starts getting fun :-)  ~~~

In order to take yourself to the next level, the place where you are at often needs to be broken down. That can be an incredibly uncomfortable process. It can get very cramped inside of an egg when you've already sprouted wings. And being your egg, there is a certain level of attachment, sometimes fierce, for what you call home. Fortunately, it doesn't all have to be done today. Just start pecking at it. ~~~

(Excerpt from Posts, Vol. 2, 2012-2013, Gil Hedley)



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