Coming Into Form by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., 108 pgs.

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Beginning Intention

I am floating freely, weightless.

I am fluid in fluid.

I am the union of two,

and the union of all,

and also something new.

I am one swirling in an ocean of pleasure.

I have always been,

and I am always becoming.

I am extending myself into the thick of it.

I am dividing but not conquered.

I enjoy movement and have no brain,

I stream and flow yet have no heart,

I behold the very soul of my mother,

yet I have no eyes.

I am life coming into form.


Breathing in,

I am born,

without knowing how,

or needing to know how.


Breathing out,

I let go, I die,

I yield to the tide,

and the next inrushing wave of life,

freely given.


I am embodied.

I've come to play,

to learn, to expand, to love, to serve.

I've come to do so here and now,

in this place,

with these people.

I am forming

the habits of my mind.

I am awake in my choices.

I claim my power

as a shaper of mind-stuff,

to experience the whole

through this one

fluid form.

(from Coming Into Form, 2011, Gil Hedley)



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