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Gift a Friend

Purchase a coupon for a friend so they can redeem it to register for any one of Gil's Nerve Tour talks. Every participant must register with their unique coupon code when checking out for their selected event. 

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Group Rates

Organize a group and save! Buy in bulk and receive coupon codes that each of the individuals in your group, yourself included, can redeem when registering for any of Gil's Nerve Tour Talks. Collect funds from your group and share the (BIG!) savings with them, or compensate yourself for your organizing efforts by sharing just part of the savings, it's up to you! Please note: we process each coupon order individually and it will take up to 3 business days to complete your personal order. Plan and purchase at least one month before the talk to make sure everyone can register while space is still available. Don't see the number you need? Email [email protected] to get a custom offer.

Get 6 coupons for the price of 5  ($125.00 ea.)

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Get 7 coupons for $125.00 ea.

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Get 8 coupons for $125.00 ea.

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Get 9 coupons for $125.00 ea.

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Get 10 coupons for $120.00 ea.

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Get 11 coupons for $120.00 ea.

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Get 12 coupons for $120.00 ea.

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Get 13 coupons for the price of 10  ($115.00 ea.)

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Get 17 coupons for the price of 13 ($110.00 ea.)

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Get 28 coupons for the price of 20 ($107.50 ea.)

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Get 45 coupons for the price of 30 ($100.00 ea.)

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The Fine Print

  • These orders will take up to three business days to process. Plan well in advance to ensure you and all of your group members have time to register for your preferred talk while space is available. We are not responsible if you purchase coupons and your chosen talk is sold out. To avoid this misfortune, you can email [email protected] to confirm that seats are currently available for your sized group before purchasing. 
  • After your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to an informational form (check your spam if you don't see it shortly). After you complete the form, you will receive your unique coupon codes within 3 business days ~ we prepare each order personally! These codes can then each be redeemed for a registration to any of Gil's tour talks.

  • Due to the high volume and savings offered on group rates, there are no refunds or exchanges on bulk group rate purchases. We cannot add one more person to your group after you have purchased to uplevel you to an additional discount. PLEASE: these are great savings! Make sure you've got your ducks lined up before purchasing so you get the best deal! :)
  • The coupon is NOT a registration. There is one more step: coupons must be redeemed by each individual, including the organizer, to register for an event! Because this is an educational offering, each participant needs to register separately for the event. Once you receive your codes, email a unique code to each friend. They must redeem their own coupon code at check out to individually register for their preferred event to reserve their spot and be admitted while space is still available. 

Large Bulk Coupon Orders

Before you buy a large batch of coupons (17 for the price of 13, 28 for the price of 20, or 45 for the price of 30), we want to make sure your event has plenty of space for you. Fill out this form and we will reply as soon as possible. 


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