Nerve Tour: 2023-2024

with Gil Hedley


Gil is embarking on a one of a kind, 111-city tour of the United States and Canada to share his uniquely uplifting and informative presentation: “The Nerve Project: Exploring the Nerve Tree in Relationship.”

This interactive presentation visually reveals Gil’s current findings from the anatomy lab, after spending the first five months of 2023 at the Institute for Anatomical Research in Colorado Springs, CO, meticulously dissecting a beloved donor form to reveal the integral and extraordinary nature of the nervous tissues.

Simply put, nothing has been done quite like this before, and Gil is very excited to share this with you.

Gil has worked for the past 30 years in the dissection lab, and this is the first dissection of its kind to be documented in images and video from the characteristically integral perspective for which Gil is best known.


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Look through the alphabetical list below to find the city nearest you. Then scroll down and click the "Register Now" button to book your spot(s), space is limited so please act on your interest while you can, even more so if you are coming as a group!

Albany, NY (Aug 16, 2024)
Albuquerque, NM (Dec 18, 2023)
Asheville, NC, (Mar 10, 2024)
Ashland, OR (Dec 2, 2023)
Atlanta, GA (Mar 8, 2024)
Augusta, GA (Mar 6, 2024)
Austin, TX (Jan 24, 2024)
Bakersfield, CA (Dec 9, 2023)
Baltimore, MD (Sep 12, 2024)
Baton Rouge, LA (Feb 1, 2024)
Bellingham, WA (Nov 14, 2023)
Bend, OR (Nov 29, 2023)
Birmingham, AL (Apr 6, 2024)
Boise, ID (Nov 6, 2023)
Boston, MA, (Aug 25, 2024)
Boulder, CO (Oct 28, 2023)
Bridgeport, CT (Aug 20, 2024)
Buffalo, NY (Jul 31, 2024)
Burlington, VT (Aug 14, 2024)
Charleston, SC (Mar 3, 2024)
Charleston, West Virginia (Mar 27, 2024)
Charlotte, NC (Mar 13, 2024)
Charlottesville, VA (Mar 22, 2024)
Chicago, IL (Jul 16, 2024)
Cincinnati, OH (Mar 29, 2024)
Cleveland, OH (Jul 24, 2024)
Colorado Springs, CO (Oct 13, 2023)
Columbus, OH (Sep 20, 2024)
Dallas, TX (Jan 20, 2024)
Denver, CO (Oct 26, 2023)
Des Moines, IA (Sep 29, 2024)
Detroit, MI (Jul 21, 2024)
El Paso, TX (Oct 7, 2023)

Erie, PA (Jul 26, 2024)
Eugene, OR (Nov 27, 2023)
Flagstaff, AZ (Dec 14, 2023)
Fort Collins, CO (Oct 30, 2023)
Fort Myers, FL (Feb 17, 2024)

Fresno, CA (Dec 7, 2023)
Gainesville, FL (Feb 12, 2024)
Grand Junction, CO (Nov 5, 2024)
Greensboro, NC (Mar 15, 2024
Houston, TX (Jan 30, 2024)
Idaho Falls, ID (Nov 4, 2023)
Indianapolis, IN (Sep 22, 2024)
Ithaca, NY (Jul 28, 2024)
Jackson, Mississippi (Apr 9, 2024)
Jacksonville, FL (Feb 28, 2024)
Jupiter, FL (Feb 22, 2024)
Kansas City, Missouri (Sep 27, 2024)
Lansing, MI (Jul 19, 2024)
Las Vegas, NV (Dec 12, 2023)
Lincoln, NE (Oct 4, 2024)
Little Rock, AR (Apr 15, 2024
Los Angeles, CA (Dec 5, 2024)
Louisville, KY (Apr 2, 2024)
Madison, WI (Jul 11, 2024)
Manchester, NH (Aug 31, 2024)
Memphis, TN (Apr 11, 2024)
Miami, FL (Feb 20, 2024)
Milwaukee, WI (Jul 13, 2024)
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (Jul 9, 2024)
Mobile, AL (Feb 6, 2024)
Monterey, CA (Nov 23, 2024)
Montreal, QC Canada (Aug 9, 2024)
Morristown, NJ (Sep 5, 2024)
Nashville, TN (Apr 4, 2024)
Nevada City, NV (Nov 9, 2024)

New Orleans, LA (Feb 4, 2024)
New York, NY (Sep 7, 2024)
Oakland, CA (Nov 18, 2024)
Oklahoma City, OK (Apr 18, 2024)
Omaha, NE (Oct 2, 2024)
Orlando, FL (Feb 25, 2024)
Ottawa, ON Canada (Aug 6, 2024)
Palm Springs, CA (Dec 12, 2024)
Philadelphia, PA (Sep 10, 2024)

Phoenix, AZ (Dec 15, 2024)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Sep 18, 2024)
Portland, Maine (Aug 27, 2024)
Portland, Oregon (Nov 25, 2023)
Providence, RI (Aug 22, 2024)
Pueblo, CO (Oct 11, 2023)
Quebec City, QC Canada (Aug 11, 2024)
Raleigh, NC (Mar 18, 2024)
Rapid City, SD (Jul 2, 2024)
Sacramento, CA (Dec 5, 2023)
Salt Lake City, UT (Nov 2, 2023)
San Antonio, TX (Sat, Jan 27, 2024)
San Diego, CA (Dec 9, 2024)
San Francisco, CA (Nov 16, 2024)
San Jose, CA (Nov 21, 2024)
San Luis Obispo, CA (Nov 25, 2024)
Santa Barbara, CA (Nov 30, 2024)
Santa Fe, NM (Oct 4, 2023)
Savannah, GA (Mar 1, 2024)
Seattle, WA (Nov 11, 2023)
Sioux Falls, SD (Jul 5, 2024)
Sonoma, CA (Nov 12, 2024)
Spokane, WA (Nov 9, 2023)
St. Louis, MO (Sep 25, 2024)
Tallahassee, FL (Feb 9, 2024)
Tampa, FL (Feb 15, 2024)
Toronto, ON Canada (Aug 3, 2024)
Tucson, AZ (Dec 17, 2024)
Vancouver, BC, Canada (Nov 16, 2023)
Victoria, BC, Canada (Nov 22, 2023)
Virginia Beach, VA (Mar 20, 2024)
Washington, DC (Sep 15, 2024)
Wichita, KS (Apr 20, 2024)
Worcester, MA (Sep 2, 2024)

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What Will I Learn?

Syllabus here.

In this 5 hour live talk, Gil will share his latest research and discoveries from his incredible five month journey dissecting the nerve tree. Through visual presentation, lecture, stories, guided embodiment exercises and Q & A, Gil will demonstrate the details of both the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous tissues.

This exploration will include a deep dive into the autonomic plexuses, the entire sympathetic trunk with ganglia, the full course of the vagus nerve, the role of lymphatics, and the main plexuses of the musculoskeletal system (cervical, brachial, lumbar and sacral) ~ all from the perspective of Gil’s integral anatomy approach to the human form, and demonstrated visually from his meticulous laboratory preparations.

Gil will also share details of the structure of the brain and their key relationships, including the ventricles, pineal and pituitary gland, gyri and sulci, cerebellum, cortex, and vasculature.

By the end of this talk, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and detail the relationships, key landmarks, and structures of the brain, including the vasculature, cerebellum, limbic system, cortex, gyri, sulci, ventricles, optic chiasma, brain stem, pineal and pituitary glands, 
  • Identify the relationships and structures of the primary musculoskeletal plexuses, including the cervical plexus, brachial plexus, lumbar plexus, and sacral plexus, 
  • Trace the journey of the median, ulnar, musculocutaneous, and radial nerves on one’s own body,
  • Describe anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome (ACNES) and its relationship to chronic abdominal wall pain (CAWP),
  • Describe the integral relationship of the nervous system with the fasciae, lymphatics, and adipose tissues, 
  • Describe the course of the right and left vagus nerve from its origin in the cranium to its proposed terminus in the superior mesenteric plexus, 
  • Demonstrate the location of the autonomic plexuses on one’s own body (esophageal, pulmonary, cardiac, solar, celiac/gastric, superior mesenteric, and inferior mesenteric),
  • In one’s own words, describe how one’s perception of the role and import of the nervous system has evolved or shifted through the presentation.

Continuing Education Credits

Earn 5 hours of continuing education credits with select organizations, including: 

  • Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy 
  • National Pilates Certification Program
  • Yoga Alliance
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • ACE
  • OPTA
  • and more coming soon.

We are currently registering the program with several organization across different movement and bodywork disciplines. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This talk is for anyone who wishes to understand more about their amazing body and nervous system. There will be particular insights and applications for hands-on therapy practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists, Pilates teachers, fitness professionals, yoga and pilates teachers: people making regular use of anatomical knowledge through touch and movement! Prior anatomical experience is not required.

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  • 45 tickets for the price ofr 30 (average price: $100)

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Please note: no refunds or adjustments can be made after your purchase, so get your group and finances squared away before you buy. 

Yes! We will submit this course with several organizations. Click here for detailed information on CEs credit available.

The talk is from 1:00pm-6:00pm local time. Arrive at 12:30 to check in and settle into your preferred seat. 

Venue information will be emailed to registered participants as soon as we have confirmed it. We are working hard to book our 111 locations chronologically and appreciate your patience! Confirmed venue information will appear in your "The Nerve Tour" course in your Library. Login to your account with the email that you used to register for the talk and the course will be in your Library which opens on login. 

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4. If we don't hear from you 24 hours in advance of an event that you fail to attend, we will consider your payment a very generous donation to the good cause of Gil's work transforming our understanding of the body, with deep appreciation for your interest and gratitude for your support!

 The talk is 1-6 pm local time. Arrive at 12:30 to check in. 

  • Introduction to the Project (30 min)
  • The Cranium and Brain (60 min)
  • Cutaneous Nerves (30 min)
  • The Autonomic Plexuses and the Vagus Nerve (60 min)
  • Break (15 min)
  • The Musculoskeletal Plexuses (60 min)
  • Q&A (15 min)
  • The Big Picture & Closing Thoughts (30 min)









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