Picture or Person?

How Do You Support Movement?

The Heart-Brain

Meet Your Vagus Nerve!

Nuclei of the Vagus Nerve


Dorsal and Ventral Vagus "Nerve"?

What is a Hiatal Hernia?

Gravity vs Levity 

Separation vs Difference

Connective Tissue vs Fascia

Models vs Reality

Glands & Frequencies

"Layers?" or "No Layers!"

How Does Bile Get into the Gall Bladder?

Are All Fasciae Alike?

Structure of Superficial Fascia?

Structure of Perifascia?

Structure of Deep Fascia?

Does Fascia Stretch?

The Anatomy of Stretch Marks

Differential Movement: Muscles vs Viscera

Muscle Movement

"Show Muscle" Secrets

Functional vs Anatomical Units

The Story of Muscle Origin & Insertion

Muscle Tissue Relationships

Pectoralis Major Relationships

The Reflected Head of Rectus Femoris Muscle

Pituitary and Pineal Meditation

Unwinding the Heart

Fascia is all around us!

For Berlin 2018 Fascia Congress

Your Amazing Intercostals

Brachial Plexus--Respect your Neck

Comparing Real Bones to Plastic

What is the Mediastinum?

Interstitium? Perifascia, aka the fuzz!

Cellulite speech 1

Cellulite speech 2

What is your body?

Movement speech

Beautiful fluid human heart

Exquisite lungs breathing

The Heart Dance


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