Following is a list of some of my guest appearances on podcasts. Enjoy!


Ali Mezey: The Brilliant Body Podcast, Episode 1

Heather Grzych: Wisdom of the Body, Episode 132

Emily Wishall: Radical Embodiment

Darien Gold: All Things Pilates

David Lesondak: Body Talk

Deborah Pascali Bonaro: Orgasmic Birth, the Best Kept Secret

 2022 ~

Nancy Frohlick & Juan Villegas: Live Your Yoga podcast (Season 3 Episode 12)

Alison Marsh: Pregnancy Pilates Impact

Greer Bailey: Hellerwork Newsletter Interview

Kimberly Ann Johnson: Sex Birth Trauma

Ana Barretxeguren: Evolve Movement Education

Daven Lee: The Power of Yin

Jesse Scherer: Radio Kingston

Kristin Coverly: The ABMP Podcast

Aaron Alexander: Align Podcast

Mark Walsh: The Embodiment Podcast

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz, Integral Body Institute: Holistic Health Podcast

Samuel Donner: Finding Founders Podcast


2021 ~

Deanna Hansen and Quinn Castelane: Block Therapy

Linsey Birusingh: Meditate & Conversate

Natasha de Grunwald: The Dissected Woman Podcast

Cal and Cathy: InterDisciplinary, The Healthcare Podcast from Healwell

Conor P. Collins: The Concast Podcast

J. Brown: Yoga Talks Podcast


2020 ~

Mark Walsh: The Embodiment Podcast

Nikki Olsen and Andrew Rosenstock: Touching into Presence Podcast

Christopher Totaro: Interview 

Til Luchau: The Thinking Practitioner Podcast

Tahnee Taylor: SuperFeast Podcast

Dr. Jason Loken, ND: Inspire Health Podcast

Stephen Opper: Wisdom and Folly Podcast


2019 ~

Aaron Alexander: Align Podcast  

Doerte Weig: Remember Your Body Podcast

Kathryn Bruni Young: The Mindful Strength Podcast 

Shannon Crow: The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast


2017 ~

Chris Fredrick: Stretch to Win Institute


2016 ~

Keyvan Golestaneh, M.A.: Conscious Health Institute Interviews


2015 ~

Aaron Alexander: Align Podcast 

Brooke Thomas: Liberated Body Podcast




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